Every Fluent Home is constructed with thoughtful planning, cost effective execution and seamless integration.  Whether a modern theme or traditional plan, from the latest in custom wood flooring to artisan quality cabinets, you will feel the difference when you enter a Fluent Home.   Appealing to all of your senses, with light, color, sound and flow of environment, we believe in building a complete home from  curbside to yard side.   This process begins with the right lot.  With a comprehensive network of local realtors at our disposal, our ability to acquire prime market properties is second to none.  We apply a combination of new methods and ideas as well as proven beat-the-street strategies to acquire development properties at or below market value.  Strict and intelligent budgeting combined with knowledge of the construction schedule allow for our developments to be based less on speculation yet more on clear evidence for a maximum return.  Our goal is to create the safest maximum return for you and our investors in one of the most vital and affluent markets in the country – the South Bay Beach Cities of Los Angeles County.  We currently have a few openings for new investors.  Without you, we do not succeed.  Please contact us with any inquiries regarding your future development ideas and opportunities.